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Home Care Agencies ARE Not All Alike

With the Honeywell HomeMed Health Monitoring System, we can manage patients Each and Every Day!

Individual/Family Benefits
*Provides a sense of security knowing a healthcare professional is monitoring user
health status every day
*Reduces unnecessary ER visits and hospitalizations
*Encourages self management and adherence to care plan

Physician Benefits
*Customizable to meet specific disease/chronic management needs
*Complete, objective, clinical and subjective data is available upon request
*Allows preemptive care, supporting adjustments to treatment plan
*Reinforces patient education and compliance to treatment plan
*Breaks the cycle of emergency care and hospital re-admissions
*Supports documentation of time spent on care oversight

Discharge Planner Benefits
*Provides a solutions for discharges that are fragile, non-compliant, or without a support system
*Reduces repeat ER visits and hospitalizations

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