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Ms. Catherine Benjamin, Founder and Vice President

In the early 1980's, home health agencies were coming out of the closet. They had emerged from being one of the best-kept secrets in our society to to becoming well known. Home health care was first conceived in 1880, but only a select few had access to this information. In 1963, some 83 years later, there were only 1,100 home health agencies in the United States. Today there are more than 7,000 and this is down from more than 20,000 a few years ago. Many agencies closed because of difficulties meeting the stringent requirements of Federal and State Regulations. A hundred years after home health came into being Catherine Benjamin had a vision that advised her, with the help of God, to open her own home health agency. She had worked as a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) at E.A. Conway Hospital for many years because she wanted to serve the health needs of the ill and infirm.

Work as an LPN instilled in her the desire to provide greater service to the Community. She subsequently enrolled in nursing school at Louisiana Tech University and graduated as a registered nurse (RN). She later earned a Masters Degree in Health Care Management. She continues to work at EA Conway Hospital until retirement. Following her mother's footsteps, her daughter, Emily had become a registered nurse with a masters degree and was working as a Public Health Nurse for the State of Louisiana.

From left to Right: Ms. Emily Winston, Catherine Benjamin, Carolyn Benjamin

One day, Catherine suggested to Emily that they open their own home health agency. Emily says that she didn't pay much attention to that insane notion because she knew that this was a venture that required an enormous amount of capital. She was told they would need $200,000 as startup money. They had $10,000 and no idea where to obtain the additional $190,000.00. But Ms. Benjamin was persistent. She and her daughters, Emily and Carolyn, opened Supreme Home Health in the old family home at 1202 Pine Street in Monroe, La. They had a staff of one for a while but later added a few others. Catherine and Emily performed all the nurses' duties. Carolyn performed the accounting duties. As the agency grew, she added 2 part-time employees. Later, a full time accountant was hired.

They operated the business out of the old home through 1986 and moved to its present location in 1987. The dream of Catherine Benjamin became a reality and now 20 years later, it is a first-rate business with more then 40 employees including RN's, LPN's, Registered Therapist, Certified Nurses Assistants, Home Aid workers, a Medical Social Worker, and clerical staff. Supreme Home Health Services takes care of clients in a 50-mile radius of Monroe, Louisiana. Skilled nursing is performed in the clients home, including administering IV's and IM injections, speech therapy, physical therapy, and many other nursing services. There is no place like home when someone is sick.

The agency is licensed by the State of Louisiana to care for patients who are entitled to Medicare, Medicaid, Private Insurance, or Veterans Administration medical benefits.

Supreme received its Community Health Accreditation Program (CHAP) accreditation in March 1998 after a 5-day evaluation by a site visitor and a board review by National league for Nursing Community Health Accreditation Program Committee.

The organization keeps staff on duty to care for its clients 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. We care with love and love to care and are here to serve the Community. Supreme Home Health has maintained the same vision, philosophy, and mission since inception and will continue its commitment and service to the community. You are invited to visit the office at 1110 Jackson Street, Monday through Fridays from 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., except on holidays.

Left to Right: Nichole and Carolyn Winston

Both are very valuable asset's to Supreme Home Health Services


Governor's 1991 Pacesetter Award

Emily B. Winston, Supreme Home Health Services, Inc. for it's leadership in Louisiana's drive toward economic growth, diversity, and stability.

Silver Dollar Service Award

Emily B. Winston in appreciation of her outstanding achievement in service to her community.


Black Women of Northern Louisiana Project Grambling State University School of Social Work

Emily B. Winston for outstanding contributions to the Black Culture of Louisiana in the area of Health Care.


Emily B. Winston, Honorary State Senator

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